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About the Journal

In order to promote scientific research, the seminary publishes a bi-annual: the Malabar Theological Review (MTR). The periodical will be out of the press in the months of February and July of every year. From the time of the Portuguese missionaries, the territory of the St. Thomas Christians (The Christians in India) was mainly restricted to the Malabar Coast; thereafter, the term ‘Malabar’ has often been used to designate the St. Thomas Christians; besides, from the time of the British rule, the northern region of Kerala where the Good Shepherd Major Seminary is situated has commonly been known as Malabar. The name Malabar Theological Review implies both these concepts: it is an effort of the St Thomas Christians, and it is a work done by the Catholic Church from the region of Malabar. The MTR attempts to be a light of scientific research that illuminates the biblical, patristic, and theological studies. Together with biblical and patristic studies, the review gives special attention to the studies in the areas of the history and culture of the St. Thomas Christians, and the theology of the Eastern Churches.


Editorial Board


Chief Editor

Antony Tharekadavil

Associate EditorsJacob Chanikuzhy
 Thomas Kuzhuppil
 Joseph Pamplany

Thomas Poovathanikunnel


Managing Editor

Sebastian Palakuzhy
Circulation Assistants

Mathew Konickal, Chacko Kuzhippallil

Thomas Varakil, Scaria Varambakath

 Mathew Venakuzhiyil
IntercontinentalBoard Bernhard and Gabriele Frey
of AdvisersMaria Zaunmüller
 Gemeinde St Stefanus, Wasseralfingen
 Gemeinde St Maria, Unterdigisheim
 Gemeinde St Nikolaus von Flüe, Messstetten
Editorial The Editor
Corresopondence to
Malabar Theological Review
 Kiliyanthara P.O., Kunnoth,
 Kannur 670706,Kerala, India
For subscription, contactThe Editor
Annual Rs. 150/- (in India)
SubscriptionUSD $ 20 (for all other countries)


Manuscript Submission

Authors are responsible for the contents of their contributions especially for the accuracy of the quotations and their attribution. Before sending a manuscript for publication in the MTR, the author should first get in contact with the chief editor. The suggested article should then be sent to the chief editor as a Microsoft Word file (RTF format) accompanied by the PDF of the same. Including the notes, the article should normally be between 5000 and 10000 words. If the article uses any Ancient Near Eastern language, the file should also be accompanied by the fonts employed; please see that these fonts are compatible with Adobe Page Maker.

Books for Reviews

Please send the books for review to the chief editor. One of the members of the editorial board will be reviewing the books.


Style Sheet for the authors

1. Format

* Use one and a half inch margins on all four sides of the page.

* Use a 12-point font (Times New Roman is preferred), with 24-point (1.5 line) spacing for all text.

* Use italics for emphasis, book and journal titles, and foreign words. Do not use underlining or bolding at all.


2. Footnotes

* Your first citation of a published work should give all the relevant information. Every reference thereafter should use only the original author's last name and a short title for the book or article, followed by a page number. Bibliographical information for any work consulted will appear in the first footnote that refers to that work.


* Books

In the first footnote for a book, first give the last name of the author preceded by the initials, then the title, place of publication, publisher, and date; the page number follows, as in the following example: H. Frankfort, Kingship and the Gods, Chicago, University of Chicago, 1971, 1-15. In the second footnote give only the last name and short title of the book (Frankfort, Kingship, 20-22).


* Article

For an article, the order for the first note is the following: author's name, title of the article in inverted commas, name of the journal, volume number, year (in parentheses), and the page number as in the following example: A. Niccacci, "Analysing Biblical Hebrew Poetry," JSOT 74 (1997), 77-93. In the second footnote give only the name and short title of the book: Niccacci, "Analysing," 80-81.


* Chapters in an edited book

When quoting from an edited book, in the first note give the name of the author of the article, then the title of the article in inverted commas, followed by the name of the editor (s) and the title of the book, place of publication, publisher, and date; the page number follows: T. Jacobsen, "The Function of the State," in The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man, ed. Frankfort, H., et al., Chicago, University of Chicago, 1977, 185-201. In the subsequent notes of the same article give only the short titles as in the articles.


3. Biblical citations

References to the Bible may be included within the text of the article, in parentheses, before the final punctuation of the sentence. Separate chapter from verse with a colon (e.g. Gen 1:1).


* Abbreviations of Biblical Books

Gen, Exod, Lev, Num, Deut, Josh, Judg., Ruth, 1Sam, 2Sam, 1King, 2King, 1Chr, 2Chr, Ezra, Neh, Ps (pl. Pss), Prov, Eccl (or Qoh), Song (or Cant), Is, Jer, Lam, Ezek, Dan, Hos, Joel, Amos, Obad, Jon, Mic, Nah, Hab, Zeph, Hag, Zech, Mal.

Mt, Mk, Lk, Jn, Acts, Rom, 1Cor, 2Cor, Gal, Eph, Phil, Col, 1Thess, 2Thess, 1Tim, 2Tim, Tit, Phlm, Heb, Jas, 1Pet, 2Pet, 1Jn, 2Jn, 3Jn, Jude, Rev.


Contact Us

The Chief Editor
Malabar Theological Review
Kunnoth, Kiliyanthara P.O.
Kannur, Kerala, S. India
Ph./Fax 0091-490-2494849
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