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  1.  Title : A. Tharekadavil, Structure and Theology of Second Isaiah
  2.  Category : Malabar Theological Review Supplement Series
  3.  Status : Active
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Antony Tharekadavil, Structure and Theology of Second Isaiah. Organization of Poems and Progression of Thought in Isaiah 40-53, 2008, Pp. 250, Indian Rs 200/-, USD 30. ISBN 978-81-903439-7-8


1) The monograph argues for a special status for the text of Second Isaiah due to its historical and theological setting; this is a deviation from the general trend in the English speaking world.

2) It delimits the work of Second Isaiah to Isaiah chapters 40-53 (not 40-55). Isaiah 54-55 will be considered as a later addition that goes well with chapters 56-66.

3) It suggests a structure to these chapters; the structure is based on the arrangement of genre units and thematically parallel texts. The structure will lead to a rhetorical reading of the work as a unified composition.

4) It shows how Is 40-53 progresses theologically, and how these chapters are thematically united.

5) It shows how rhetorical criticism integrates form-criticism and they together become a good instrument for biblical exegesis

6) The book provides a good bibliography, index of authors, and index of biblical texts.

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